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Father's Day Gift Guide


Father's Day Gift Guide

Make shopping for Father’s Day more fun and less of a chore! Being a dad is hard work so show him how much you appreciate him on Father’s Day. He pushed you on your bike before you learned how to balance, never missed a soccer game, and gave advice when life got tough. There probably isn’t any gift that can repay him for all his wise words and long shifts at work to keep the food on the table. Nevertheless, these gifts will not only put a smile on his face, but also let him know you care.

For the traveler

Smart lightbulbs are great for the dad who is always out of town. Whether it be work or play, he’s on the move but wants to make sure his house isn’t an easy target for burglars. The Phillip Hue Smart Lightbulbs connect to an app on your phone and allows you to turn them on and off, dim, and show off your own personal style with different colors.

For the entertainer

Is your dad’s house the gathering spot for holidays, football games, and guys night? These misheard lyrics coasters protect tables and are great conversation pieces!

For the forgetful

TrackR Bravo is a small coin-like tracking device that can be hooked on keys, slid into wallets, or attached to phones. Your dad will never lose his keys right before having to leave again. The technology connects to your phone through an app and has multiple settings he can tailor to his level of forgetfulness!

For the all-knowing dad

Nest Cam is a home camera that connects to your phone through WiFi. It gives you the option to watch video feed in HD and has a mic so he can tell the dog to get off the couch even fromacross the world. Some home security cameras don’t record all the time, but only when they sense motion, but the Nest Cam records 24/7 and saves data for 30 days on the cloud. He will never miss a thing, including you sneaking in late!

For the worrier

Traditional home alarm systems are expensive and permanent. They require a professional to both install and remove. SimpliSafe was created for easy installation, easy removal, and connectivity. This system takes less than an hour to install and can even keep an eye on your liquor cabinets, gun safe, files, and medicine cabinets. The best part? There is no annual contract, so if Dad doesn’t love it, he can cancel!

For the wannabe chef

Is your dad constantly testing the limits of his current smoke alarm with burnt popcorn and failed dinners? The Nest Protect is the perfect solution for dads who want to set it and forget it. This intelligent smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm can tell the difference between fire and burning food. As soon as it detects smoke, it will alert you so that burning toast doesn’t turn into a fire. The Nest Protect will send an alert to your phone as well as speak to you when it detects anything, no matter what room you’re in. Simply hush the alarm right from the app, so no more climbing on chairs and fanning the alarm.  Does dad need more help in the kitchen besides just an alarm? Check out our Cooking Safety Tips blog to avoid cooking fires in your home.

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