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Holiday Safety Tips


Holiday Safety Tips

The season of giving, family, and love is here! The holidays bring tasty food, sparkling decorations, and warm fires. While we all venture out to be with our loved ones, take care to follow these holiday safety tips:

Stay Warm

Shorter days and colder nights make us bust out our coats and hats to stay warm in this colder weather. While relaxing at home, you may want to stay snug by using a space heater or your fireplace. Before lighting the fire though, be sure to clean the chimney and have it inspected to ensure it is safe to use. If a space heater or electric blanket is more your style, be sure to keep at least 3 feet of space around the heater to avoid items catching on fire. Unplug your heaters and electric blankets if you leave the room or are going to bed.

Decorate Carefully

While unraveling lights, check that all bulbs are intact and there are no exposed or frayed wires. Don’t forget to unplug any house or tree lights before leaving the house or going to bed. Your Christmas tree can light up quickly, so keep it watered to reduce its flammability risk! Be aware of where you hang decorations. Keep open flames away from potential fire hazards.

Fire is the number one claim during this time of year. Follow these tips to prevent house fires!

Food Safety

We wait all year for an opportunity to indulge ourselves. If you’re hosting friends and family, follow food handling preparation tips for a safe meal. Avoid the cross-contamination of raw meats with ready-to-eat foods and any eating surfaces. Pull out your meat thermometer to ensure all meat is cooked to the proper internal temperature. If you have guests with food allergies, be mindful when preparing the food and properly label all dishes to avoid an accident.

Manage Stress

Between traveling, gift buying, and crazy family members, it’s no wonder why our stress levels soar this time of year. Give yourself time to relax and prepare for expected increases in traffic and expenses. If you easily get sick, talk to your doctor for ways to improve your immune system, so you can avoid a case of the sniffles this holiday season.

Prevent Injuries

STOP! Climb down from the kitchen chair. If you want to hang decorations or lights, use a sturdy ladder and have someone spot the ladder to prevent tipping. We know that the tree topper is going to look amazing, but you in an arm cast while trying to serve the Christmas ham, will not!

Take the time to relax and enjoy this holiday season. Stressing about home items that need to get done in the new year? Talk to your Lighthouse agent to get things in perspective! They can help you review your policy or plan for a remodel.