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Securing Home Safety to Ensure Summertime Fun


Securing Home Safety to Ensure Summertime Fun

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to hit the road for that long awaited vacation! Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year with the highest percentage of burglaries. Nearly 66 percent of burglaries are residential break-ins. Don’t let thieves spoil your summer vacation! While you’re away, your home may be vulnerable to burglary, theft, or vandalism so learn how to keep your home safe.

According to the FBI, home break-ins are the most common threat to homes, so it is important to understand what personal items are covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy, should a break-in occur. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover your personal property, such as: furniture, jewelry, clothing, movies, linens, appliances, silverware,  electronics, and more. However, these policies also often contain special limitations of coverage that may apply for loss by theft to certain types of personal items. Some policies may cover only basic coverage on certain items. But, optional extra coverage may available for purchase to extend coverage where limitations apply. Also, replacement cost coverage for your personal property may be available as an addition to your policy to provide for the cost of repair or replacement rather than receiving the depreciated value of your lost or damaged items. All of this is important so that, when you leave your home on that long anticipated vacation, if something is stolen, you are covered.

To understand more about what coverage limitations and optional enhancements are available with your individual homeowners policy, contact your local, licensed agent.

Remember, safety does not take a summertime break so take steps to protect your home before you leave.  Below are some tips to keep yourself, your family, your home and your valuables safe.

Vacation crime prevention tips for your home: 

  1. Always lock your doors and windows especially at night and when you’re away.
  2. Close your garage and pet doors.
  3. Secure ladders and tools so they can’t be used to gain entry into your home.
  4. Be wary of anyone who approaches your front door and don’t let them take up too much of your time. Criminals work together; one will come to your door and distract you while the other sneaks into your home.
  5. Always ask for an id (picture and company name).
  6. Be a good neighbor, lookout for one another.
  7. Excessive dog barking could be a sign of an intruder and may warrant a call to the police (911).
  8. Lock up your home, activate your alarm.
  9. Don’t broadcast your plans on social media.
  10. Hold the delivery of your mail and newspaper or ask a trusted friend to pick them up for you.
  11. Buy a timer for your lights and set them in a random pattern.

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