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3 Things to do Before Adopting a Pet


3 Things to do Before Adopting a Pet

Bringing home a new pet is exciting! Going to the local shelter, finding the right “one,” and showering them with gifts and affection is the greatest part. Keep the momentum of being a pet owner going by properly planning your home, finances, and the family. Cover these three items BEFORE you adopt a new pet.

1. Learn Your Community’s and Insurance Company’s Rules

The first thing you need to do before you head to the pound is check with your community and insurance company about breed restrictions. Many HOA’s and apartment communities also have weight rules. It would break both you and your new pet’s heart if you get a letter from your neighborhood asking you to get rid of the pet or vacate! If you’re not sure what restrictions your homeowners insurance may have, just give them a call! Your homeowners or renters insurance agent may also advise you to add on dog limited liability coverage to cover any potential dog bite accidents. Did you know that a dog poses an increased risk and may result in the cancellation of your insurance coverage?

2. Do Some Research on the Type of Pet You Want

An anaconda may sound like a cool, edgy pet, but make sure you look into how big that snake will grow and what his diet requirements are. Not to mention, does insurance cover anacondas? Some breeds of dogs or cats are more likely to have bad health problems, some have shorter life spans than others, and others need more space to live. Always think of a pet as a member of your family and not an accessory. It wouldn’t be fair to a large pup to live in a small space with no place to play! Also, consider an animal that matches your lifestyle. If you’re a runner, go for a more athletic, energetic dog instead of a dog breed that prefers to nap all day.

3. Make Sure You’re Ready for the Lifetime Commitment

Because your new pet is a member of your family, they are there to stay! Through a new baby, moving, vacations, retirement or storms, you can’t leave them behind. Find a pet-friendly shelter, boarder, and vet to cover all bases and prepare for a disaster before you adopt. If these items feel daunting, consider downsizing the type of pet! The cost of getting a fish is going to be cheaper in the long run than a dog. Determine how much you can afford and commit (both time and money) ahead of time!

Planning before your furry friend arrives can help prevent any potentially dangerous or financial problems. Looking for more pet prep tips? Head over to our Facebook or Twitter!