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Underwriting Corner | Ineligible Liability Exposures


Underwriting Corner | Ineligible Liability Exposures

We are now well into the holiday season; a time for friends and family to come together.  At Lighthouse, we hope that you and your guests can enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.  Unfortunately, this is a time where homeowners experience the increased risk of a loved one being injured while visiting their home due to liability and safety hazards.  Many liability risks can be reduced or removed by homeowners to diminish or prevent the risk of injury to themselves and their visitors.

To properly manage the threat of liability loss exposure to the insured and the company, we have certain exposures that are ineligible.  As Lighthouse underwriters review risks, if ineligible liability exposures are found, policies are subjected to cancellation or nonrenewal.  We hope the following list of ineligible liability exposures will assist agents in determining eligibility or the actions needed to bring a risk into compliance with underwriting requirements.

The most frequently found ineligible liability exposures include (but are not limited to):

  • Trampolines, jet skis, skateboard/ bicycle ramps, diving boards, pool slides, pools not protected by a self-latching fence or pool enclosure and pools that are empty or not properly maintained year-round
  • All-Terrain vehicles (without a separate and in force ATV liability policy)
  • Stairs, porches and decks with 3 or more steps or 2 feet or more from the ground without permanent and secure handrails, guardrails or railings
  • Entrances to a dwelling without permanent and secure stairs where the need exists
  • Stairs and decks that are in disrepair
  • Exotic pets, livestock, saddle or farm animals
  • Aggressive dogs, animals with a bite or injury history or animals that have been trained for attack, guard, military or police work
  • Certain breeds of dogs such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers
  • Properties with businesses operating on the premises with client and/ or employee foot traffic
  • Properties with paid child care or day care operations on the premises
  • Trip and fall hazards from damaged sidewalks or driveways and clutter around the property

The information provided here is only applicable to Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation and should not be construed as underwriting guidelines for general knowledge.

Written by: Jennifer Vazquez