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Organize your home two minutes at a time


Organize your home two minutes at a time

The beginning of spring seems to be the reminder to freshen your home with some deep-down cleaning. However, cleaning your home can sometimes seem like a time-intensive effort. Instead of waiting for that big day every year to squeeze in all the cleaning projects you’ve been putting off, try breaking down projects into two-minute tasks every day to make clearing clutter more manageable and easily achievable.

Two-minute task #1: Tackle desk and kitchen drawers one at time. Take two minutes each morning to sort through one. If you find something that doesn't belong there, put it in its proper place and throw out any unwanted items.

Two-minute task #2: Organize and clean fridge and pantry shelves one at a time. If you're already pulling out the milk for your morning bowl of cereal, take two minutes to pull everything else off the shelf, quickly wipe it down and put everything back in.

Two-minute task #3: Make your bed every morning. Making your bed starts your day off right, instantly makes your bedroom look orderly and will help spread other good habits. There's also a few studies that have linked making your bed to increased happiness!

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