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The Customer Experience

Today excellent customer service seems to be elusive with overseas representatives, language barriers and not understanding the simplest of problems. One of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had was when I switched my cable company. I was a long-term customer for over 20 years, but recent changes caused problems with the service and made it more[...]

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Insurance Company Rating Agencies | Demotech vs. A.M. Best: Which is Better?

Insurance companies in coastal states, such as the Carolinas and Florida, are most often rated by the rating agencies, Demotech and A.M. Best. If you were to listen to both agencies, chances are they would both say they’re better than the other. Each agency uses their own financial strength yardstick for evaluating insurers, but which one has the best record?

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Why Product Development is Crucial to Superior Insurance Protection

Over 300 years ago in 1686, some of the first documented product development was put into practice in Lloyd’s Coffee House in London.  From this common meeting place for sailors, merchants and shipowners, Lloyd’s of London has grown into the insurance market we know today. Back then, the simple written “marine product” provided much needed protection for valuable[...]

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