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Underwriting Corner | Replacement Cost vs. Reconstruction Cost

How much should you insure your home for?

Most non-insurance professionals answer, “enough to cover the mortgage” or “enough to REPLACE the home.” However, the correct answer requires more calculations than that.

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Underwriting Corner | Flood Insurance Requirements

With all the recent reports of severe flooding around the country, have you taken some time to talk about the importance of flood insurance with your consumers?  Flood mapping has changed in recent years so a home that was not in a flood zone may now be in a flood zone. Nearly 25% of  flood insurance claims are from people outside of the mapped high-risk flood areas,

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Underwriting Corner | Customer Service Applications

We want to remind you of time saving customer service applications available for your use on our website.

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Underwriting Corner | Frequently Asked Questions

This month, we are devoting this feature to addressing Frequently Asked Questions.

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Underwriting Corner | Eligibility Guidelines

At Lighthouse, we have a wonderful group of hard working agents trying to write quality business. Because we know we are not your only carrier, we appreciate your business all the more! This month, we want to try to help break down a few eligibility guidelines that have changed recently or can be confusing. We hope this helps you, our valued agency partner, with[...]

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Underwriting Corner | Contents Coverage

When a loss occurs, most insureds can tell you the big ticket items they own: 2 - 48” HDTV’s, 4 Laptops, etc. But what about the lesser items we use every day? Could an insured tell you: how many glasses they have in their kitchen cabinets, how many picture frames are throughout the house, how many pairs of shoes does Mr. Insured’s wife own, what kind of golf clubs[...]

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Underwriting Corner | Available Discounts and Requirements

At Lighthouse, we are pleased to offer our Beacon Homeowners policy program as our premier policy package that offers many optional coverages and a vast array of discounts for insureds. The following is a summary of some of the discounts available and what is required to receive these discounts. If you need more or specific information regarding these discounts,[...]

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Underwriting Corner | Identity Theft Expense and Resolution Services Coverage

The recent security breaches at major companies like Target, Neiman Marcus and Yahoo show that no one is completely safe from the risk of identity theft. While there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk, identity theft can still happen. Did you know that Lighthouse offers Identity Theft Expense and Resolution Services Coverage as an optional coverage on our[...]

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Underwriting Corner | Water Back Up and Sump Overflow Coverage

With the recent polar vortex and extended extreme winter weather hitting the South, more insureds may be asking you about water damage coverage within a policy and additional optional coverage.  Lighthouse is pleased to offer Water Back Up and Sump Overflow Coverage as an additional optional coverage

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Underwriting Corner | Ineligible Liability Exposures

We are now well into the holiday season; a time for friends and family to come together. At Lighthouse, we hope that you and your guests can enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. Unfortunately, this is a time where homeowners experience the increased risk of a loved one being injured while visiting their home due to liability and safety hazards. Many liability risks[...]

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