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Mike's Reading Recommendations: Thanks for the Feedback


Mike's Reading Recommendations: Thanks for the Feedback

Receiving feedback is essential for healthy relationships and professional development, but we dread it and often dismiss it. In “Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well,” authors Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen explain why getting feedback is so crucial, yet so challenging.

In the book, Stone and Heen highlight the most important aspect of feedback – that it is the feedback receiver who is vital in determining the success of feedback. The feedback receiver decides whether your feedback will be heard, understood, digested, and finally acted upon to make improvements.

Receiving feedback well does not necessarily mean accepting the feedback. It means engaging in the conversation skillfully, making good choices on whether and how to use the information, and managing our emotional triggers to avoid getting defensive. 

We can all improve in both receiving and giving feedback, which makes “Thanks for the Feedback” a great book for anyone in your organization.

-- Michael Durovic, Executive Vice President, Pharos