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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Hail Storm


5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Hail Storm

Hail storms can develop quickly and without much warning. Not every storm produces hail, so planning ahead can provide you peace of mind. These tips can help guard your home and property against the damaging effect of hailstorms and avoid costly, time-consuming repairs.

1. Roof

Your roof is the first line of defense against mother nature’s wrath. When your roof fails, it leaves the rest of your home and its contents vulnerable to damage. Be sure to inspect your roof regularly for broken or damaged areas. Even small dents can lead to expensive problems down the road. Replace broken or damaged shingles without delay. If you need to renovate or replace any part of your roof, consider upgrading the current material to a high impact resistant option. Get more tips on roofing the right way from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety.

2. Trees

During a storm, branches can be torn down by strong wind and hail, which can cause extensive damage to your home and property. Shrubs and smaller plants near windows can also pose a threat to the glass. Trim all dry, dead, or weak tree and shrub branches that could potentially become loose during a storm.  Keeping a well-maintained lawn can help eliminate the risk of hail damage during a storm.

3. Outdoor Furniture

Trees and faulty roofs aren’t the only hazards that pose dangers during a storm.  Items such as patio furniture, decorative landscaping (such as stone or gravel), toys and bikes are easy targets for hail.  Additionally, these items can become airborne projectiles.  If a storm is on its way, bring all loose items indoors, if possible.

4. Gutters and Drainpipes 

Gutters and drains can quickly fill with fallen leaves. Clean your gutters and drainage areas to ensure water can efficiently drain from your roof. Melting hail can quickly cause water damage without the proper drainage.

5. Windows

Large hail can break or shatter windows.  Close your drapes or blinds to prevent wind from blowing glass into your home. The easiest way to protect your windows are permanent shutters that can be closed quickly in the event of an approaching storm. These are not only perfect for hail, but for hurricanes as well!

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