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Underwriting Corner | Customer Service Applications


Underwriting Corner | Customer Service Applications

We want to remind you of time saving customer service applications available for your use on our website.

Mortgage Endorsements

Non-$ Endorsements

Did you know that every Lighthouse policy has a button along the bottom called Non-$ Endorsement, which allows you, the agent, to change the mortgagee(s) on a policy?  Using this button allows you to add, change or delete a mortgage from an insured’s policy – especially handy in the event of a refinance – and, once you click “Endorse Policy” you are taken to the policy and have immediate access to an amended declaration page.

Upload Documents

Document Upload

Each policy also has a purple button on the bottom called Document Upload and a Document Upload option in the header bar of the policy which allows you to upload photos, wind mitigation affidavits, responses to underwriting memos, change requests and more directly to the policy.  These uploaded documents then become part of the policy file and are placed, in date and time order, into our workflows to be reviewed.  Please remember though, yours is not the only request being sent or uploaded on any given day so there is a lag time from receipt to review – typically no more than 10 business days.  But, if you have an urgent request, such as proof of repairs to reinstate a policy cancelling tomorrow or a coverage change needed for closing, a quick call to our underwriters can get your request reviewed to ensure coverage does not lapse or closing is not delayed.

Make a Payment on a Policy


Lighthouse offers agents the convenience of processing a payment online for an insured via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Credit Card.  All Lighthouse policies have a purple Payment button at the bottom which takes you to the payment page.  The whole process takes about 90 seconds and the insured or agent can receive an email confirmation of payment at the email address entered.  It is important to remember that there are servicing fees charged by our payment processing vendor associated electronic payment transactions.  However, posting a payment for an insured gives you a great opportunity to chat with them and keep the lines of communication open which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and even new business referrals!

The information provided here is only applicable to Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation and should not be construed as guidelines or options available for general knowledge.  For assistance with any of these applications, please contact Underwriting and Customer Service at (888)235-3837.

Written by: Jennifer Vazquez, CPCU