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Babyproofing Your Home 101


Babyproofing Your Home 101

Having a baby is a miraculous, life-changing event. Along with the new bundle of joy will come a lot of changes and transitions. Among those, things like your sleep schedule, eating habits, and the way you look at everyday items will change as a new parent. For example, in your new perspective, a cabinet might transform from useful storage space to a possible entryway to the emergency room!

Take precautions early, and begin babyproofing your home before the little one arrives. You won’t want to worry about the safety of your home while getting a crash course in parenting at the same time!

Consider these babyproofing tips when getting ready for their arrival:

Living room:

  • Hide all electric cords behind furniture.
  • Secure any televisions, furniture, or art to the wall to avoid a tipping hazard.
  • Put breakables up high, out of arm’s reach.
  • Put up a babyproof fire gate.


  • Adjust the water heater’s temperature so baby doesn’t accidently turn the knob in the tub and burn
  • Hide your toilet brush, to avoid it ending up in your baby’s hands and mouth. (Gross!)
  • Keep electric cords put away, out of reach from the tub or sink.


  • Avoid leaving anything hanging over the edges of the countertops or stove (little hands like to explore!).
  • Return items to cabinets and drawers as soon as you’re done with them (knives and glassware).
  • Unplug countertop appliances and store them away when not in use.

Everything else:

  • Put locks on all cabinets that contain cleaning agents, detergents, medications, etc.
  • Install a baby gate at the bottom and top of stairways.
  • Cover outlets with covers and follow these electrical safety tips!
  • Keep doors shut. Explore which options work best for you and your tot, to keep doors secure.

Notify your agent of your new family addition, so they can be sure you’re properly covered. Don’t forget to review all insurance policies and add coverage where needed, for added peace of mind.