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Decorating Without Damage


Decorating Without Damage

Have you been wanting to remodel lately? Whether you’re renting or simply not handy with a hammer or paint brush, you shouldn’t be limited to expressing your style! It is possible to decorate your home without damaging the walls AND prevent it from looking like your kid's dorm room at the same time. Find out how Lighthouse likes to decorate without damage!

Removable Wallpaper

Yes! It IS a thing, and it’s amazing. Gone are the days of horrid wallpaper patterns your grandma lined her walls with. This new trend allows the freedom to show your creative side without the permanence or damage of traditional wallpaper. Many big-box stores sell removable wallpaper, but always choose a high-quality paper to ensure easy and complete removal for when the time comes to change it up again! Here are some expert tips to help you hang removable wallpaper!

Adhesive Hooks

Put the hammer down and head to your local home store! Adhesive hooks and velcro will be your new hanging lifesaver. Adhesive hooks are great for holidays, parties, towels, bags, hats…you get the idea. Anything that you’d traditionally hang on a coat rack or secure with nails, these babies will do the trick! Velcro strips are ideal for hanging pictures. The strong hold helps keep it in place and prevents you from knocking it over. Adhesive items do come with a weight limit, so be sure to purchase the option(s) that can hold up!

Color and Texture in Textiles

If the idea of wallpaper is still too intimidating, you can change the mood of a room with textiles. Think pillows, blankets, throws, and furniture. To stay seasonal, start with a clean, neutral base color and exchange the pillows and throws every few months. Mixing textures such as a knit blanket and a suede pillow can help add some dimension to a room instantly.

Plug-In Fixtures

Don’t let your current lighting situation keep you in the dark. Use adhesive hooks and wall outlets to upgrade your lighting fixtures! A simple floor or table lamp can not only shed some light but can tie a whole room together and bring out your theme. Switch out the lampshade with fun colors, patterns, and textures to keep it fresh!

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