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Homeowners: Here’s What To Expect From A Water Mitigation Contractor


Homeowners: Here’s What To Expect From A Water Mitigation Contractor

If your home has suffered water damage, it is important to stop the source of water intrusion and remove the moisture as soon as possible to prevent any additional damage.  All water damage restoration jobs are unique, and a professional mitigation contractor can assist you in determining the work that is required to protect your home from continuing damage and begin the repair process.  Calling your Homeowners Insurance carrier first can help get you in touch with the right contractor.  So, what should a homeowner expect to happen once they contact a water mitigation vendor?

After the initial call, you will receive an appointment that usually occurs within hours of the initial call.  Once the water mitigation vendor arrives for the appointment, they will inspect the home and evaluate the damage using special tools and equipment to measure the amount of moisture in the home. Using this evaluation, the vendor will create a plan to remove the water and explain how the process works. If there is standing water, they will remove this using a commercial vacuum system. With the standing water removed, they will begin drying the home using a combination of dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air throughout the room and remove the moisture. This process may also include removing water damaged material, such as drywall or carpet, from the home or drilling holes to aid in the drying process. Overall, the drying process may take multiple days to complete and crews will stop by to monitor the progress by taking moisture readings to make sure that the dehumidifiers are working to dry the area effectively.  Finally, as the house dries and the moisture levels return to the pre-event levels, the crews will remove the equipment from the home and structural repairs can now officially begin.

Written by Michael Durovic, EVP, Pharos Claims Services