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How Marriage Affects Your Insurance


How Marriage Affects Your Insurance

Did you recently get married? Congratulations! Marriage is a monumental chapter in life and having a partner by your side can give you a whole new perspective. In the middle of the wedding planning chaos, it’s easy to push items such as insurance to the side but don’t completely overlook it. Luckily for you, marriage may help you save money in these areas!

Homeowners or Renters

A homeowners or renters policy will need to be updated once you are married. If you purchase and move into your first home together, your carrier may offer a bundling option for home and auto, saving you money! If your partner is moving in with you into a home you already own, speak with your agent about updating your marital status and adding them to the policy. Having your partner listed on your homeowners policy also increases liability coverage to them as well.

Don’t forget, living with your partner means your belongings are combined too, which requires additional personal property coverage. Renters insurance is similar. Your renter's insurance can be combined as well. Plus, if you received some new gifts as newlyweds such as fine china, new appliances, or even your new jewelry, make sure to add that to your coverage too.

With these new additions, remember to update your home inventory list and add any necessary coverage!


The auto insurance industry loves married couples! Combining policies may save both you and your partner money. When should you keep your policies separate? If one or both of you don’t have the best driving record, it could have a negative effect on your premium. Something as simple as a speeding ticket can increase the cost for both of you. Regardless, it is important to update your policy to reflect your change in marital status and ensure your partner is covered if they drive your vehicle. Fun fact: married drivers are less likely to be in an accident than someone who is not married.


Life insurance isn’t the happiest of topics, but it’s extremely important. You want to make sure your family is covered. Update your policy to list your partner as the primary beneficiary. There are many different options for married couples, so take some time to discuss which is best for your family.


Speak with your employer’s HR representative about your change in marital status. Since marriage is considered a qualifying life event, you will easily be able to make changes. Depending on you and your spouse’s provider(s), it typically will save you money on the same policy, especially if you already are covered under the same carrier.

Contact your Lighthouse agent to update your marital and see if you qualify for  any new discounts!