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How to Keep Your Home Warm


How to Keep Your Home Warm

When the temperature starts to drop, we rush to find warmth in our home. However, keeping your home warm can come with a hefty price tag. While many expect to spend a significant more on their energy bill this winter, we want to help keep your family warm and your wallet full! Not only does reducing your energy consumption for heating help reduce your bill, but it can also help the environment!

Here a few ways you can keep your home toasty while keeping the cost down!

Let the Sunshine in

Curtains do a great job keeping your home cool during the summer so make sure to open them when the temperature dips! The sunshine is free and can help warm your house. Once the sun goes down, their insulation can help keep the heat in. Be sure your windows have no leaks to keep the cold air out!

Improve your Insulation

Most heat is lost through the roof. Improve your insulation in the attic to stop your hard-earned money from flying right out! This will come in handy during the summer months as.

Put your Heat on a Timer

Do you race to the thermostat as soon as you get home or wake up? Set a timer! Most thermostats are equipped to allow you to set a timer to adjust the temperature in your home. Quick temperature increases can be costly. Instead, raise the temperature a few degrees so your comfortable getting ready for your morning. Set the timer to reduce the temperature while you’re out for the day. No need to pay to heat an empty home! If you’re afraid of coming back to a frigid home, set it to start reheating 30 minutes before your expected arrival.

The winter season sees a large spike in home heating fires. Be sure to use extreme caution if you decide to use space heaters, a fireplace, or electric blankets. Looking for more ways to make your home more energy efficient? Check out these quick home updates!

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