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Planning an Affordable Vacation


Planning an Affordable Vacation

Every now and then, we start daydreaming of faraway places, wishing to escape our daily schedule. But what stops us from taking these vacations? For many, the biggest deterrents are taking the time off work and travel costs. Whether you want to spend the weekend at the beach or travel across the world, it is possible to travel on a budget! Don’t let a rainy day mess up your vacation plans. Here’s how you can start planning your next adventure:

Choose a Destination

The first (and most fun) part of planning a trip is choosing a destination. Dying to jump the pond and go on a 10-day European vacation? It’s not a stretch to want to leave the country! Wherever you decide, be sure to stick to the location to properly plan out the details. There are plenty of places abroad that are affordable! If being away from home makes you a little nervous, your homeowners policy may help cover you while on vacation! Remember your personal property contents are covered anywhere in the world.

Decide on a Budget

Your budget will be determined by your destination and income. If your heart is set on flying across the world, the price tag is going to be much larger than jumping to the next town. Do your research on flights, hotels, transportation, and excursions in your chosen location to get a ballpark number of how much you will have to save up. Don’t forget to include rental cars or public transportation (buses, taxis, trains). You can save some money by using public transportation or by staying in a hostel or even Airbnb lodging! Set realistic budget goals. If you are planning for a shorter vacation that could take place over a long 3-day weekend you won’t need to save as much as a 14-day adventure over the summer! The bigger the trip, the longer you will have to save, so don’t plan on taking that large trip anytime soon.

Pick Your Travel Goals

Travel goals can range from relaxation to adventure tours. Excursions throughout your destination may cost you a pretty penny, but you get what you pay for! Safety is key if you choose to venture into unknown territory. Laying poolside or taking advantage of on-property activities at the hotel can save you money, but don’t forget to include food and beverage costs in your budget.

Plan in Advanced

Only a person with an unlimited budget can pick up and go tomorrow, but most of us cannot. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead! You must be realistic about how long it will take for you to save for your decided trip. If you want to take multiple trips in one year, plan out the cost of each and figure out how much you will have to save by a certain date. That way, you will be able to travel when you want!

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