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Preparing Your Pets for a Disaster


Preparing Your Pets for a Disaster

It is important for the safety of pet owners and pets, to have a plan in place for caring for pets during a disaster. In the chaos that comes with a storm, one of the most vulnerable members of your family can be forgotten about...your pet. The best way to protect them is to plan ahead. Prepare every member of your family for storm season with these helpful tips.

Build a Disaster Supply Kit

When you are planning your disaster supply kit, take the time to add some extras for your furry friend including:

  • Pet food and extra water
  • Any medications/Veterinarian records
  • A crate or carrier
  • Extra litter, newspapers, pads etc.
  • Their favorite toys, blanket, and/or bed

Give them an ID

You don't leave the house without your ID, so your pets shouldn't either! Keep an ID tag on their collar with their name, your name, and contact information. If they have any health problems, you can list these as well as their veterinarian's contact number. Also consider microchipping your pet. This is a permanent implant that stores all information regarding your pet and your contact information, in case you two ever become separated. Think of microchipping as a cell phone for your pets!

Don't Leave Them Behind

Pets rely on you to care for them every day and should NEVER be left behind due to an evacuation. In your emergency communications plan, add the phone number of your local veterinarian, list local shelters that take pets, or any friend or family member that you've previously coordinated with to watch your pet in the event of an evacuation. Place a rescue alert sticker on your home's window, near your front door for rescue workers. Make sure the sticker identified how many pets and the type of pets that are in the home, in case there's an emergency. If you do evacuate, it's good practice to write "evacuated with pets" on your sticker to help rescue workers.  Order your free sticker from ASPCA today.

Be Prepared

When you are setting up your home insurance, pictures are taken of all your assets and contents. Take a picture of you and your pet together to prove ownership and help identify your pet if they are lost. Preparing your pet for a disaster, along with the rest of your family, will ensure every member of your home is ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way.