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Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning

Make spring cleaning easy! While you break out your short sleeve tops and shorts, you’ll start to notice the build up of dust as you pack away your winter gear. Take the time to clean and organize your home before you begin your spring home maintenance!

Clean Out

A new season brings another opportunity to refresh your lifestyle. Go through all your drawers, closets, and cabinets and toss any items you haven’t looked at or used in the last 6 months. If you do end up needing it in the future, you can always purchase it again. While rummaging through your clothes, create 3 piles – trash, donate, and keep. There are many people in the world that are in need of clothing, however, if there are holes and some mystery stains, it’s time to part ways and throw it out! While clearing out the cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen, inspect any cleaning products to ensure they are still safe to use. If not, follow the proper disposal method on the container.

Miscellaneous Areas

What do you think are the dirtiest areas of your home? You probably think light switches and the toilet, right? Wrong! Your carpet, kitchen sink, and shower curtain have the highest germ counts. To keep your carpets clean, it’s recommended to vacuum multiple times during the week and have a professional come out every 6 months. Don’t leave food in your sink and rinse it out with warm water and soap after each meal. Your sponge can be a huge offender as well, so don’t forget to replace it once a week! Keep the germs at bay in your bathroom by spraying your shower curtain liner, tub, and walls with bleach. And that soap scum ring is germy build up…ew! If your shower curtain is covered in mold and soap scum, it’s time to replace it.


Now that the old is it out, it’s time to organize! Help yourself and rearrange your closet based on clothing items (work, dresses, short sleeve, etc.) to save you time digging for an outfit in the morning! Invest in a shoe rack for your floor or your door to keep space clear. Group cleaning items together to avoid mixing up hair gel with toilet cleaner.

Tackling one thing at a time will help keep you motivated and more likely to finish the job. Going on a spring break vacation? Here’s how to prepare your home for an extended absence!

While you’re in the mindset of out with the old and in with the new, make sure to request a quote today or speak to a local Lighthouse agent, if you’re not totally in love with your homeowners insurance.