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Three Tips for Filing a Homeowner’s Claim


Three Tips for Filing a Homeowner’s Claim

Life happens. Home insurance is there to provide protection against the unexpected. When you’re dealt the short stick, it’s important to know your provider’s claim process. Regardless of your carrier, follow these three tips when filing a claim.

1. File As Soon As Possible

After damage is discovered, call your insurance agent. Almost every policy has a procedure for filing claims. This is when having your policy accessible comes in handy. Your carrier will either have a  deadline to file a claim or request that you contact your agent/carrier immediately. In the event you don’t file within their allotted time period, your coverage may be denied.

2. Document Everything

To ensure as much help as possible can be provided, it’s important to document all damage and save receipts from purchases regarding the claim. Before making temporary repairs to the damaged part of your home, take multiple photos of the area in good lighting. In the event you can’t stay in the home, it’s crucial to save receipts and bills to recoup costs of the temporary living arrangements. To make the claims process quick and smooth, update your home inventory list regularly.

3. Protect Your Home

A homeowner’s policy will only provide coverage for damage caused by a covered peril. For example, if a windstorm has caused a tree to fall onto your home, your policy should provide aid, but any further damages caused by exposure to the elements will typically not be covered. Insurance companies encourage you to protect your home from further damage. At Lighthouse, if the damage is covered under your policy, we will include the cost to protect your property in our total calculation.

Need to file a claim? Don’t delay, and speak with your agent today.