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Prepare Your Rainy-Day Fund

You’ve prepared your children, made an emergency communication plan, threw in some extra essentials for your pets, but what have you done to prepare your finances? Natural disasters aren’t the only type of emergency you may face. Other potential types of emergencies to prepare for include things like the loss of a job, divorce, or an accident. While supplies and[...]

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DIY Home Inspection

You see your home every day, but how often do you really inspect it? One small leak or crack can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. These problems can go unnoticed for months and when they’re eventually found, the damage is already done. Take the time to thoroughly inspect all parts of your home for cracks, leaks, corrosion, and other damage before a small[...]

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3 Ways Your Policy Can Help Cover a Remodel

Home renovations are exciting, but they can also be very stressful. We choose to remodel for many reasons. Whether you are renovating due to updating an old structure, adding more square feet, replacing a damaged structure or if mother nature jumpstarts a remodeling project, check out these three major things you need to know about whether your homeowners insurance

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