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Hurricane Prep Resources


Hurricane Prep Resources

Hurricane season has a way of sneaking up on you and then suddenly a storm catches you off guard. No one can prevent hurricanes or know the toll it may take on your home and community. That’s why Lighthouse wants to help you minimize the impact. Use these resources to prepare your home and family for this hurricane season.


We’ve seen the chaos that happens when a storm suddenly makes a turn straight for your home. There’s a mad rush to the store to collect food, water, plywood, and other supplies. If you’re quick, you may find the shelves stocked, but unfortunately, many still end up driving to five different stores before finding water. Take our advice! It’s best to stock up now before a storm develops. Here are some basic and additional items to include in your hurricane supply kit.

Emergency Communication Plan

An emergency communication plan shouldn’t only be set in place for a hurricane. A disaster can strike at any moment. Use these resources to prepare your children, family, and community in the event you can’t reach each other!

Evacuation Plan

Living near the coast is a blessing and a curse, and we know the struggles because we live there too. Storms can bring storm surge, which is an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm, over and above the predicted astronomical tides. Storm surge poses the biggest threat during a hurricane and is why evacuation may be necessary. One way to determine your evacuation route is to follow the blue “Evacuation” signs posted throughout your city. However, the most efficient way to ensure you can escape quickly and safely is to use this list curated by

If you live in an evacuation zone, plan your safe spot with your family and furry friends in mind. Did you know that hotels are not legally obligated to accept pets during a storm? Find a local, pet-friendly shelter where you and your pet will be safe.


Storm surge is flooding, and flooding is NOT covered under most homeowners insurance policies. To prevent people from purchasing a flood policy once a storm or flooding is imminent, insurance companies have a 30-day wait policy until your flood coverage goes into effect. Talk to your agent today to update your policy to cover any new additions and ensure you’re covered if a disaster strikes. This is a great time to learn if your policy has a separate windstorm deductible.

Learn your carrier’s procedure to quickly file a claim if your home suffers damage from a storm. The best way to prepare for any unexpected costs is to have the proper coverage and funds to cover any potential deductibles and repairs before your insurance coverage kicks in!

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